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MINGDA Industrial Machinery Online Exhibition ended perfectly

Affected by the Covid-19, many exhibitions at home and abroad were forced to cancel and postpone this year, but they didn’t stop MINGDA from moving forward. In order to let more people know about MINGDA 3D printers, We participated 4 live online machinery exhibitions organized by Alibaba in July and August. 

   MINGDA Industrial Machinery Online Exhibition ended perfectly(图1)

In this online exhibition, we mainly introduced MINGDA latest DIY 3D printers in 2020, the latest upgraded version of industrial 3D printers and the newly developed LCD 3D printer K3. In this exhibition, we show the whole process of unpacking, installation and printing . We hope that customers can have a very intuitive experience of our products by this way . At the same time, as a 3D Printer manufacturer with 11 years experience, we also believe that MINGDA products can be tested by live broadcast. Our live broadcast lady also shared a lot of real user cases and interesting and unique print models. After that,many customers have a strong interest in our products, actively interacting with our staff online, asking for product details and eager to know whether our products are suitable for their needs, and helping them get the models they want.

   MINGDA Industrial Machinery Online Exhibition ended perfectly(图2)

   MINGDA Industrial Machinery Online Exhibition ended perfectly(图3)

MINGDA not only get more attention by this online industrial machinery exhibition, more importantly, it let more people know about additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology. As the pioneer of 3D printing technology in China, MINGDA has always been the evangelist of 3D printers as its mission, and is committed to let more and more people understand 3D printing technology and enjoy the convenience it brings.

In the future, MINGDA will also follow the trend of the times, participate in more online exhibitions and carry out more online live events, so that more 3D printing enthusiasts can better understand our products intuitively. In the next September, we will also participate in the online live broadcast of the Ali Purchasing Festival. There are a lot of discounts in the live room.