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Why Choose MINGDA 3D Printer in Research Institutes?

With the rapid development of science and technology, 3D printer are becoming more and more popular and they play a significant role in the technology industry. Our MINGDA 3D Printer as a 10 years manufacturing for this field, own mature technology with high quality, at the same time, it is deeply loved by domestic and foreign customers.


These years, MINGDA has successfully cooperated with numerous research institutes and famous enterprises such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Xiamen University, Sichuan University, Zhejiang University, Ph.D., Johnson Electric and other well-known enterprises to devote one copy to popular science, teaching, research and manufacturing Strength, and continue to realize the mission of 3D printing to promote social development.


Recently, MINGDA has established friendly co-operative ties with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). The project leader of HKUST. said the purchases were primarily for laboratory use, which needs high requirements printing accuracy and product quality. He said “We are looking for a 3d printer with high quality high precision and stable performance, which can print ABS very well. We did a lot of research and testing. Finally, We think MINGDA MD-6H is the best choice for us. “


With printing size 400*300*500 mm and layer thickness 0.05 mm, MD-6H matching with it's full enclosed structure and stable full linear guide rails, which can print PLA, ABS, TPU, HIPS, Nylon, Copper, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Wood etc. If you want to know more details for this machine, you can click the video link:

To support HKUST well, On 20th Feb., MINGDA assigned our professional technicians to HKUST. We installed the 3D printing equipment for HKUST and provide full range technical support and post sales consultation service. Our technicians also provided basic operations and maintaining training for HKUST. Which allowed the institute to use the printer effectively to provide a better and more professional service for their R&D. Personnel from HKUST can now use the MINGDA 3D printer to create and build different models and teaching material, and thus designing a wider range of creative products. The machine operates steadily. “The most important thing is that we are very satisfied with MINGDA service  ” Said by the project leader of HKUST. And praised MINGDA’s technicians of having full understanding of the printer’s operations.

Why Choose MINGDA 3D Printer in Research Institutes?(图1)

Why Choose MINGDA 3D Printer in Research Institutes?(图2)

We provide one year warranty and lifetime technical support for all our clients. MINGDA has professional technicians and responsible sales to offer response service from Monday to Sunday(7*24hours), help you solve your questions about 3D printer. We are always adheres to the concept of excellence, practicability and innovation, continuing to provide global clients with VIP service and reliable 3D printing equipment. If you have any interest, please kindly contact us. MINGDA always does best for you.