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Six Useful Things to 3D Print

We want to present you all kinds of interesting models, so we collect a list of cool things to 3D print, where everyone can find something they are interested in printing. We mainly share some useful things to print this time.

Kitchen Containers

These are kitchen containers that can be used to store your coffee and sugar. Featuring the chemical structures of sucrose and Caffeine as part of their design, the containers might be a fun addition to your kitchen. They come with two types of lids – flip or push. Perhaps, you might want to print the push ones as they are better for coffee or sugar storage to retain the aroma or keep away the ants. The kitchen containers are 6.4×3.7×8.9 cm (sugar) and 6.4×3.4×7 cm (coffee). Don’t forget to verify that your 3D printing material is food safe. Download here 

6 Useful Things to 3D Print(图1)

Bike Coffee Holder

The Coffee Cup Holder is a very practical accessory for your bicycle. The design looks very clean, and if you are the kind of person who loves coffee, then it’s a perfect idea for you to 3D print! According to the creator of the bike coffee holder files, Harry Dalster, the approximate print time is 6 hours. Dowload here

6 Useful Things to 3D Print(图2)

Key Holder: Winking Owl

Key holders are useful, but who knew they can be this much fun too! If you forget often where in the house you have placed your keys, this is an idea for you! You can 3D print the winking owls that will guard your keys, while entertaining your guests or family. The birds have their eyes closed when empty, but once you hang the keys, the weight makes the big round owl eyes open. These models consist of multiple parts but are very easy are easy to assemble, according to the creator of the design. Dowload here

6 Useful Things to 3D Print(图3)

Self-watering Planter

Parallel Goods introduced their first design, the Self-Watering Planter. The planter is exactly the growing environment your plants need, while giving you flexibility in your watering routine. Designed to be 3D printed with PLA, the item is very easy to use: just plant your favorite herb or other water-intensive plant, add water, and you’re all set. You can customize your planter by mixing and matching different colors for the pot and reservoir. How does the self-watering work? Just set the pot in the reservoir, add your plant of choice, and fill the reservoir to the line inside of the spout. Then refill whenever you can’t see any water in the spout. Dowload here

6 Useful Things to 3D Print(图4)

Pencil Holder

Next in our list of cool things to 3D print is an item that will help you avoid mess on your desk, pen and pencil holder. The beautiful geometry of the holder caught our attention: the smooth lines remind of waves and the honeycomb-like structure, when looked at from the top, is always a nice visual addition. You can experiment with the color of your print to make the beautiful design reflect your personality. Dowload here

6 Useful Things to 3D Print(图5)

Combination Lock

The combination locks seem like a very useful idea. If you your suitcase lock is lost or broken, panic not! You can 3D print a new one, and then assemble the parts easily. To manufacture your own customized combination lock, you can start by choosing a size: 3, 4, or 5 digit passcode. The file is available HERE. Also at the link, the creator of the design explains the assembly process in detail. For instance, to fit the wheels into the slots, you need to place the two halves onto each other, and attach with either a M3x20 nut and bolt or superglue, and make sure not to get any glue on the wheels–you won’t be able to spin them if you do. Dowload here 

6 Useful Things to 3D Print(图6)

Hope today's sharing will be helpful for you.