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MINGDA 3D printer in automotive industry

As we all known that 3D printer has been used in many different field, like Architecture, medical, lamps, furniture, toys, animation, crafts...

How about 3D printer in automotive industry? Actually 3D printer has been used to help design and manufacture custom accessories for cars.

Recently we have printed a large auto parts for our customer, which printed by MINGDA industrial large size MD-666 3D printer and MD-6H 3D printer ,the printing material is carbon fiber filament. The printing size of MD-666 is 600x600x600mm ,the printing size of MD-6H is 400x300x500mm. because of large size and high performance of these two 3D printing machine, finished auto parts is very perfect. 

Totally more than 20 small parts, before printing, our technician has made some position hole on 3D file for pre-assembling, the whole printing time spent 7 days, it is a great job.

MINGDA 3D printer in automotive industry(图1)

MINGDA 3D printer in automotive industry(图2)

MINGDA 3D printer in automotive industry(图3)

Automotive parts is complex, but with 3D printer, R&D new car or Modified car become much more easy. So if you also in automotive industry field, you just need is a professional industrial 3D printer, MINGDA focus on industrial 3D printer, in additional, we also have large scale 3D printer MD-1000, which printing size is 1000x1000x1000mm.

Come to MINGDA, and take a professional large 3D printer for your auto parts!