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How to choose a good 3d printer ?

Date:2017-12-06 Hits:43
How to choose a good 3d printer ?


Before you choose a 3d printer, it is important to make out your expectations. Your ideal printing size, printing material, precision and your budget.  Let us go to more details.

About printing size, there many choices from small 160*160*160mm to 600*600*600mm, even larger 1000*1000*1000mm.

For individual or education, 160*160*160mm is enough, just try it and print your innovation out.


It is the best to select the one meeting your max print size. As our experience 300*200*200 mm is more welcomed by engineers.

As we all know about filaments, 1.75 mm PLA ABS are most popular printing material for FDM 3D printer. ABS is stronger than PLA , but harder to print. On the other hand, ABS has bad smell, PLA is environmental friendly. As professional 3d printer manufacturer, we recommend PLA at beginning.

Except that, TPU (Flexible) Carbon PETG and Nylon and more type 3D printing filaments. For more about 3D printing material, pls follow me, I will introduce you later.


3D printer precision mostly is between 0.05-0.2 mm layer thickness, 0.1 mm layer thickness is almost one A4 paper thickness. The printing precision is highly related to 3D printer hardware and software.

If you were professional user, you may prefer 3d printer with linear guide rail Axis, which is of higher precision & stability than Rods.



The last is what you most concerned, 3d printer price and your budget.

If you were beginner, just want one for fun 200~300 USD will make you have access to DIY grade 3d printer.

Personally, I would rather recommend you a higher quality one, MD-16, price is reasonable and affordable.

You know most designers and engineers require high quality 3D printer, then just follow us and go to MD-4C and MD-6L.


If you ask me what change the world. It is not the big ideas, not the legendary person. Just do it.

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