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How does the FDM 3D printer work?

Date:2017-11-30 Hits:36
How does the FDM 3D printer work?

3d printer is a machine that creates objects from plastic or other materials using an additive manufacturing process. Additive manufacturing produces objects in a succession of layers from the bottom, up. This is the opposite of traditional subtractive manufacturing processes, which produce objects by cutting material away from a block to create the shape desired. About the FDM 3d printer, it creates objects from plastic materials using an additive manufacturing process.

fdm 3d printer simplifies and accelerates the process of making prototypes and finished goods. The 3D printing process is so easy and yet so powerful that both home-based businesses and Fortune 500 companies count on it. Installations range from a single machine in a hobbyist’s basement to manufacturing centers with dozens of systems.

How does FDM 3D printer work? Beginning with computer-aided design (CAD) data, which defines a tool path, the FDM 3D printer extrudes and deposits molten thermoplastic in layers to build the part from the bottom up. This makes very complex parts easy to produce.

FDM 3d printer machines create functional parts by extruding and depositing thermoplastic materials in layers. FDM builds three-dimensional parts by melting and advancing a fine ribbon of plastic through a computer-controlled extrusion head, producing parts that are ready to use.

The automated three-step process is quick and simple:

1. “slicing” or sectioning CAD design into layers: in operation, your first step is to import a design file, pick options, and create slices (layers).

2. Press “print” to start the building process: two materials, one to make the part, and one to support it, enter the extrusion head. Heat is applied to soften the plastics, which are extruded in a ribbon, roughly the size of a human hair.

3. removing disposable support material: when the part is complete, open the chamber and remove it. Finish up by either washing or stripping away the support material that held the part in place.

And this is a YouTube link of our FDM 3D printer working:

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