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3D printing technology help to print bone for knee surgery

Date:2017-11-29 Hits:59
3D printing technology help to print bone for knee surgery


According to Chongqing News cover, an 84-year-old Chinese man Mr.Zhang has received knee surgery using 3D printing technology to fill large bone defects with tantalum, a rare metal, at a hospital in Chongqing Municipality.


Tantalum bone by 3D printing technology

“Compared with traditional knee repairing ways, Tantalum has better Biocompatibility.” Professor Wang said. However, cause the high melting point of tantalum exceeds the limit of most 3d printers available, titanium alloy is more commonly used before.


Luckily, Porous tantalum has been developed to solve this technical problem. Tantalum pads are individually designed for patients by computer-aided design and precise 3D printing technology.


With the help of 3D printing technology, the surgery is greatly simplified, avoiding many possible risks. Mr. Zhang, who received the knee surgery was able to complete some basic movements on the first day after his surgery and is expected to leave the hospital in just four to five days.


In fact, 3D printing technology is not the first time been applied in medical industry. In the early day, MINGDA Technology has succeeded in printing prosthesis model by MD-6C 3D printer. 

MINGDA expect to use 3D printing technology to explore more interesting area together with you.


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