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What is the 3d printing technology and its application?

Date:2017-11-29 Hits:41
What is the 3d printing technology and its application?

As the development of the technology, 3d printing has been more and more popular in our life. But what is the 3d printing technology and its application? There are some opinions for this problem.


3D printing technology is a rapid prototyping technologyit is a modern manufacturing technology of comprehensive integration developed, based on the CAD / CAM technology, laser technology, numerical control technology, information technology, new materials technology. The use of acoustic material makes the noise problem has been solved. Acoustic material turned around application and development of sound-absorbing material and sound absorbing structure as a representative. It is designed in glass, liquids and solids control, pointing and manipulating acoustic artificial materials. Most acoustic metamaterials is negative index metamaterial. This report detailed analyze that the applications of the 3d printing technology and what kinds of advantages will be brought in various of fields by 3d printing technology.   

At present, the development of 3D printing technology is very rapid and high-speed, it has been widely applied in various industries, it advantage is the ability to improve manufacturing efficiency and accuracy of the model. Especially in machinery manufacturing, engineering, biology, medicine, construction, aerospace and other fields has been a large degree of attention and application.

3D printing technology can replace the current cumbersome tooling, simply need digital models and 3D processing methods to produce mobile phones, cars, ships, spacecraft and other products, even use biological cells as printed material to print out the complex biological tissue such as bones, organs, skin, and for patient who needs to be skin grafting or organ exchange. Moreover, it can also be used to print food and cooking by special material mixing ratio and processing temperature. And 3d printing technology can also easy to make complex parts or components such as large curvature propeller and high precision screws.  

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