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Do you want making an interesting Christmas present by FDM 3D printer?

Date:2017-11-24 Hits:150
Do you want making an interesting Christmas present by FDM 3D printer?

The Christmas Day will be coming next month. Are you worried about what gifts you should give to your kids? Do you want to give your kids present which is made by yourself? MINGDA FDM 3d printer can achieve your thinking. It can print anything you want and design.

MINGDA FDM 3d printer can finish your design works and enrich your life, and it can make you bringing fun to your kids. What’s more, our fdm 3d printer can also make your children to design and make the toys and presents by themselves. It can train their operational ability and their innovative thinking. Besides, it will save more money on the toys and gifts.


Our desktop mini FDM 3D printer MD-16 is very famous in the field of house, school, and personal design hobbyist. It is safe because its corners are rounded, you don’t worry it will hurt your kids. And it is portable, small, ultra-silent, it is less than 40dB. Therefore, it is fashionable for household and education.

There are some information for our FDM 3D printer:

MINGDA desktop 3d printer is good-looking and seamless. There are three color: red, blue and yellow, these color can always interest the kids, and they will keep the fun while playing. And there is 3.5 inch colorful LCD touch screen, UI interface design makes the printer more humanized so that it will bring you feeling like operating table PC and smart phone. The printing size of printer is 16*16*16cm, and its machine size is 30*35*39.5cm, and only 13kg. So, it only take small space. And we provide warranty for 1 year and lifetime technical support, you don’t worry that you can’t use it, we will have videos and technician to teach you how to use.

If you have interest in our FDM 3D printer, please don’t hesitate, and welcome your contact. We will do best for you!