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What MINGDA 3D Printer were displayed in CHTF 2017?

Date:2017-11-22 Hits:170
What MINGDA 3D Printer were displayed in CHTF 2017?

The 19th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF 2017), with the theme of “Innovation-Driven Development and Supply Quality Upgrade”, was held from November 16th to 21st at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As an exhibitor, MINGDA has displayed many beautiful models as well as mingda 3d printer, which were quite popular with exhibition buyers and visitors.

The most popular model is the gun in above picture, which is made by MINGDA 3d printer MD-666 and took about 3 days to print. It’s a one to one reduction gun model. We printed part by part first and finally spliced each part.


As for the most attractive machine, there’s no doubt that is MD-16 mingda 3d printer.


MD-16 MINGDA 3D printer is a entry-level desktop machine (max printing size 160*160*160mm) with high precision, which is specially designed for school teaching, family use and personal designer. With colorful appearance ( red, yellow or blue), it’s very attractive by children and young people.

From the exhibition, we found there are many people unclear the difference of MD-16 MINGDA 3D printer and DIY machine. Therefore, MINGDA would like to make a comparison for your better reference.



DIY 3D Machine


* sheet metal structure, seamless, curve chamfer design, more safe and stable
* Have red, yellow and blue 3 color, more attractive to young people and children

* Assemable machine, unclosed structure, thus the temperature during printing  is unstable and affect the printing effenciency
* Usually is black, white or grey color

Printer Nozzle

*  Made by pure copper metal, more durable and high precision, efficient printing without drawing or blocking

* Made by mixed material, lower precision and easy to cause drawing or blocking

Heat Bed

* 10mm thickness Alumina heat bed, high stability during printing process

* Usually is 2-3mm thickness metal material, not durable

Z Axis

* Dia. 16mm ball screw, stably hold heat bed and control the printing process accurately

* Thick rod, not easy to control the printing precision

Operating System

* Colorful touch screen and smart operating system, easy to operate and control the printing process efficiently

* Usually is blue old- fashion screen, unattractive and more difficult to control the printing

Super Silent Printing

* MINGDA control each manufacturing part strictly with standard production line, which creates ultra-quiet printing experience

* Assemable machine and open structure makes big noise during printing

57 Stepper motor

* Speed uniformity, low noise, high accuracy

* Common simple motor, lower accuracy


Hope above information could help you better understand MD-16 3D printer.

If there’s any question, welcome to contact us.

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