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Don't you want to see Alibaba CEO Jack Ma printed by MINGDA 3D Printer?

Date:2017-11-21 Hits:235
Don't you want to see Alibaba CEO Jack Ma printed by MINGDA 3D Printer?

Have you bought something in Double 11 Promotion Festival (Nov. 11th)?


This year, to memorized passed Nov. 11th, we decided to print a Jack Ma model by MINGDA 3D printer to warning over spending in shopping.


It’s printed by MD-4C mingda 3d printer using PLA material.

And all the process has taken about 10 hours to print.


The max printing size of MD-4C is 300*200*200mm and we has upgraded MD-4C this year with more precise. Compared with traditional 3d printer, MD-4C MINGDA 3D printer has some advantages as below:

1. Fully enclosed design, temperature is stable inside machine.


2. Linear guide rail on both X, Y and Z axes.

3. Modular design for motor assembly, heater, temperature sensors, all of them have connectors , much easier for service.

4. Using Tank Chain to protect the cables / wires, more protective and more beautiful.

5. Customized industrial nozzle, melt the material faster.

6. 5.0 inch colorful touch screen and smart operating system, more easy to operate and control pring process.

7. UPS (Uninterruptible Power System) , resume printing after power off or interrupted.

8. Filament sensor, machine will stop working if no 3D printer filmanet, and will work if reinsert new materials

Also want to print the model?

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