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Why MINGDA MD-16 3D printer is a better choice than DIY machine

Date:2017-11-08 Hits:29
Why MINGDA MD-16 3D printer is a better choice than DIY machine

In August, 2017, a new fashionable design MD-16 3d printer by MINGDA were well released. Many people like its colorful appearance with good quality and quickly place their order, while some think it’s far more expensive than DIY machine and it’s unworthy. 


And today we will explain for you Why MINGDA MD-16 3D printer is a better choice than DIY machine.


First let’s see a simple comparison table.



DIY Machine

 MINGDA MD-16 3D Printer


Usually need to be assembled after receiving

No need to assemble


Usually black or grey

Blue, red, yellow


Low and easily influenced by environment

Higher stability


Unsatisfied precision

Higher precision (industrial grade)

Printing speed


Faster (50-200mm/s)

Using life

Nozzle, belt and other consumable parts broke faster

Warranty 3 month for consumable parts


* External supply power

* Only printing part, without protective wall

* Uneven cooling

* Internal supply power

* Integrated sheet metal structure

* Good cooling system

Operating system

Blue or even black-white screen

Colorful screen and smart operating system

Heat bed

Usually within 6 mm thickness

10 mm thickness (more stable and durable)


Now, are you clear about our MD-16 3D printer?

Still with doubt ? Let’s continue to see some detail pictures of MD-16 3D printer


* Curve chamfer and counter-sunk screw design, more safe and pretty

* 2 mm thickness sheet metal structure, more stable and durable

* Pure copper nozzle, more durable and high precise printing without blocking and drawing.


* Super-silent printing experience, more suitable for school, office and home use



* High precision stepper motor and imported belt, help print more efficiently


* Support SD card and USB, both online/offline can print

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