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Why choose MINGDA 3D printer?

Date:2017-11-08 Hits:26
Why choose MINGDA 3D printer?

During the years, Yangmingda has input much capacity to establish large standard production.

 At present, our annual output of 3d printers has up to 60,000 units and have been widely exported to more than 180 countries and regions, which are well recognized by our clients.


What kind of magic power does mingda 3d printer has? Why it has become your better choice?


Maybe first see some comments from our clients.

From above picture, it’s not difficult to find that mingda 3d printer are highly recognized for its good quality and service. In fact, “quality assurance” is the pride of MINGDA all the years. We always strictly control the manufacturing and detection process.

Next, let’s see the superior advantages of MINGDA 3D printer compared with traditional machine.


* Integreted sheet metal structure and thicker heating bed, more stable and durable.

* Industrial pure copper nozzle, melt the material faster

* Modular design for motor assembly, heater, temperature sensors, all of them have connectors , much easier for service.

* 57 stepper motor gear and 3M Belt , help print more precise

* Using tank chain to protect the cables / wires

* Linear guide rail on both X,Y and Z axes, more accurate during printing (except MD-16)

* UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), resume printing after power off or interruption (except MD-16)


Meanwhile, we have professional complete pre-sale and after-sales service system for both domestic and overseas clients. If you’re unfamiliar to 3D printer, MINGDA also have professional engineers and teaching lesson to guide you how to use it. So never worry about it~


Sincerely welcome to your inquiry about MINGDA 3D printer. We’ll do the best for you!