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Why MINGDA MD-16 3D Printer So Popular Around The World?

Date:2017-11-03 Hits:52
Why MINGDA MD-16 3D Printer So Popular Around The World?

In 2017, MINGDA has launched a new desktop model--160*160*160mm printing size MD-16 3d printer, which is especially designed for education teaching, office, home and personal designer. It has red, yellow and blue 3 different fashion color and is very popular with young people and students.


Let’s see the superior advantages of MD-16 3d printer compared with traditional 3D printer:

* Curve chamfer and counter-sunk screw design, more safe and pretty

* 2 mm thickness sheet metal structure, more stable and durable

* 3.5 inch colorful big touch screen, easy to operate and control the printing process

* Pure copper nozzle, more durable and high precise printing without blocking and drawing.

* Super-silent printing experience, more suitable for school, office and home use


* Support SD card and USB, both online/offline can print

* High precision stepper motor and imported belt, help print more efficiently

* 10mm thickness alumina hot bed, long life time and can adjust the printing temperature according to different materials

* Dia. 16mm Z-axis ball screw, strongly support the hot bed, make printing more stable and accurate

* Use tank chain to fix the wire in order, more protective and easy to replace when needed


Meanwhile, our MINGDA MD-16 3D printers are manufactured in scale by standard large production line, so it’s most cost-effective and affordable for school, family and person.

We also have professional complete pre-sale and after-sales service system for both domestic and overseas clients. If you’re unfamiliar to 3D printer, MINGDA also have professional engineers and teaching lesson to guide you how to use it. So never worry about it~


Would like a MD-16 3D printer? Please contact our sales right away!’

MINGDA will do the best for you.