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How To Use 3D Printer Machine?

Date:2017-11-03 Hits:71
How To Use 3D Printer Machine?

3d printer Machine, yeah, this word is very popular in recently years, perhaps you have noticed it but maybe not unclear about it. So here comes what exactly mean of 3d printer? From the word, it is mean a machine which can print a object from paper to real life. Amazing right? But how, there already raise a question from your bottom heart.


Take Chinese novel character as an example:


First step, you need a STL files type, like the picture show you below.

STL Files


Second, you need this files into SD cards, and then insert into card slot, and turned out a model as the picture show below.

Printed Model


That’s all the step needed, quiet easy ha. This is the way Yangmingda print. There also have a 3D Printing Video (video link) show how to print 3d model, just take it if you need.

Who is Yangmingda?

ShenZhen Yangmingda Technology Co.,Ltd who focus on R&D of 3d printer machine for more than 8 years since 2009 established in China. Yangmingda as a rich reach and develop of 3D printer manufacture, insist to provide high quality products to our clients and winning high reputation among our clients.

Good Feedback From Clients


What the printed model use for? In which industry exactly?


3D Printer machine mostly use for design area, such as architectural model design, animation toys design, jewelry design (need high accuracy machine), automobile part design, industry accessories design etc.....something like this what you want to print.


3D Printed model use for what?


3D printer model can use for personal creative gift, personal collection,custom art and culture model for exhibition etc.

Creative Gift

Cell Phone Sticker

Cell Phone Sticker


3D printer machine can print useful model, like creative gift, cell phone sticker etc, something more what you want to print. That is the way 3D printer machine work, as a high-tech product, far now 3d printer still in a R & D stage, not yet put into production. Hope 3D Printer can put into production in the coming future,make more contribution in research field.