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What kind of surprise will MINGDA 3D printer bring to you during the China Hi-Tech Fair ?

Date:2017-11-01 Hits:41
What kind of surprise will MINGDA 3D printer bring to you during the China Hi-Tech Fair ?

China Hi-Tech Fair is China largest and most influential science and technology exhibition, since it was held in 1999, the fair has received high attention and strong support from all levels of government in China. At the same time, the fair has also been recognized and welcomed by domestic and oversea high-tech enterprises.

The exhibition covers the latest development of MINGDA 3d printer, smart medical, intelligent home, robot, electronic parts materials, industrial automation equipment, machinery and equipment, precision instruments and other industries. Now the scientific and technological progress and innovation has become the focus of competition in the world.


The high-tech products in the fair are more and more popular with different people after 19 years. Specially 3d printer, which is an important part in high-tech products.

mingda 3d printer as an advanced equipment production of international technology manufacturing enterprises, our company the company has strong scientific research foundation and R & D capability and has independent intellectual property rights for 3D printer.


With the rapid development of 3D printing technology, it has become a hot new industry, and the types of printed three-dimensional products are increasing rapidly.

mingda 3d printer is widely to used for injection mould, prototype, industrial model, shoes, toys, automotive, architecture, art, crafts, etc, even suit for other high-tech industries. The most important is help for product design, it will save cost, time, environmental protection, but also save a lot of materials. Welcomed by designer, engineer, they can print what they want. Only you can't think of it, nothing MINGDA 3D printer can't do it, everything will come true, enjoy your imagination.


Your dream will start from MINGDA 3D Printer

MD-6L printing size 400*300*500mm

1) industrial grade 3d printer

2) compatible with PLA, ABS, TPU/Flexible, Carbon material etc

3) fully enclosed design, temperature is stable inside machine

4) concise and fluent exterior, more safe and beautiful

5) 5 inch touch screen, more easy to operate

6) adopt full rail structure, high precision & stability

7) flat heating bed, 15mm thickness anodized aluminum

8) filament detection, pausing printing when filament breaking it used out

9) modular design for motor assembly, much easier for service

High-tech professional products exhibition has occupied an important role in the fair, China high-tech products, even from all over the worlds are gathered here, not only the visual impact can better reflect the modern technological progress. MINGDA 3D printing technology has become more mature, people use it to build a house, making cars, and even more things are not impossible in the future.



The 19th China Hi-Tech Fair is from November 16th, 2017 to November 21th, 2017,  will hold on Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, welcome to join to us, our booth is 8A02-12.


Our team are waiting for you to discuss more details about high technology MINGDA 3D Printer. Sincerely hope we can establish our long-term relationship with you soon, achieve win-win cooperation. Believe our MINGDA 3D Printer will help for your business.


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