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3 Reason Why MINGDA 3D Printer should attend Hi-Tech Fair

Date:2017-11-01 Hits:46
3 Reason Why MINGDA 3D Printer should attend Hi-Tech Fair

MINGDA as a high-tech manufacturing enterprise, we have attend many trade fair and display MINGDA 3d printer every year since we established. But, why we choose Hi-Tech Fair this time?

China Hi-Tech Fair is the largest and most influential scientific exhibition at present in China. The CHTF will converge all kinds of domestic and foreign a lot of innovative technologies and products in advanced science and technology field. We can meet more people to the same idea. We’ll get to interact face to face with our customers and know what is the real request of them, then we can provide better product and service to our customers. We wish to promote the development of 3d printer, because our dream is every one has a mingda 3d printer, and let our customers and agent all around the world.


Second, it is reported that there are a large number of innovative technologies and products in the frontier science and technology field in this fair, such as artificial intelligent, VR, AR ,autonomous vehicle, also include 3D Printer. mingda 3d printer as the the leader in China, we need to know the domestic and international trade market and technology development trends. We’ll be viewing hundreds of products that the most advanced equipment. We also can obtain more research and development inspiration from the innovative technologies and products. Compare with other high-tech enterprises, we can know where we need to improve.


CHTF makes commercialization of high-tech achievements, product exhibitions, high-level forums, investment invitation and information exchange all in one. Through the organic combination of "government, industry, academia, research, capital and intermediary". We can promote our brand better, foster brand consciousness and strengthen the propaganda work of MINGDA 3D printer, more and more enterprise and individual will know us. This fair not only a good presentation of our products, we have the confident of our product, we also want more and more people can realize the 3D Printer, and enjoy the convenience of 3D printer technology.



Through the Hi-tech fair, we will show our product to more people, such as our MD-16, it’s our newest MINGDA 3D Printer, and combine with all advantages of MINGDA 3D Printer, with cost effective price, high precision.

Our Newest product---MD16


1. Super-silent printing

Standardized machine production, accessories and assembly etc, ensure and create Super-silent condition.

2. Strong stability

The machine body is made of 2mm thick metal sheet, which avoids shaking during the printing process.

3. Exclusive patented nozzle

Pure copper materials, avoiding oxidation effectively, blocking and drawing.

4. High stability aluminum hot bed

10mm thickness high stability aluminum hot bed, long life time without distortion.

5. Strong Z-axis screw

16mm thick Z-axis screw, support hot bed, to ensure that the printing platform is more stable and more accurate.

6. Easy to operate

Full-screen UI interface design, allowing you to enjoy the same experience as tablet pc and smart-phone touch.

If you want to know more information about the MD-16, welcome to our booth:8A02!