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Bid farewell to the cold! 3D printing soft octopus robot

Date:2016-09-21 Hits:387
Bid farewell to the cold! 3D printing soft octopus robot

3D printing technology, is a rapid prototyping technology, it is a digital file-based model, the use of powdered metal or plastic material can be bonded to construct an object by layer by layer stacking technology cumulative manner. In the past it often mold manufacturing, industrial design and other fields are used to make the model, it is now increasingly used for direct manufacturing of some products. In particular, some high-value applications (such as hip or teeth, or some aircraft parts) are already using this technology to print from the parts, which means the popularity of "3D Print" technology.

Mention of 3D printing we tend to think that the hard metal, cold cold, Harvard University recently launched a soft robot named Octobot, its shape looks like an octopus. Octobot body all the material of choice is a flexible material, and the use of 3D printing made. The entire robot did not use hard materials, the cost is very low, less than $ 3.

Octobot only palm-sized, no power on you can start automatically. Octobot no internal electronics, so no electricity use. Maybe you want to ask, how to move without electricity? In fact, Octobot internal chemical reactions occur to produce a large amount of gas, the gas gathering compression, the robot will change the internal pressure in order to achieve mechanical movement