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A Stylish 3D printing trophy

Date:2016-08-22 Hits:268
A Stylish 3D printing trophy

Recently, sponsored by the Fashion Group COSMO "fashion dreams come true" presentation ceremony held in Shenzhen, this most attractive addition to the award ceremony studded luxury star cast, the other is the 3D Print trophy.

Over the past few decades, in various occasions, the award winners are mostly holding a simple shape clear crystal trophy. Such a crystal trophy general use cutting, carving or engraving the surface, and then bonded together. Due to limitations of the manufacturing process, the production of crystal trophies are generally relatively simple shapes are hard to better reflect the sense of design or theme. Now appear 3D printing technology, new ideas and methods to bring the trophy production industry, from fashion circles have been trying to start 3D printing trophy.

Since this event is a dream as the theme, so creative design thought to be the prototype for the wings of the wings, the designer through continuous improvement design, and ultimately a satisfactory design and complete by 3D printing technology. The outside world have praised the trophy design fully reflected in this "fashion dreams come true" ceremony theme.